12 Days of Christmas

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of Christmas. 12 Days Digital Marketing Tips For a Happy New Year.

Did you know there is a new version of Google Analytics? V4 of Google Analytics has more features and better reporting, but it is a bit different and you need to do some work before you switch. To prepare for the switch you should start collecting data for your V4 GA now. Find out how here. 1. Upgrade Google Analytics.

In December, people often reflect on the year – let’s face it this year has been nuts. Despite that, you should still take some time to review your marketing. You should review your personas at least twice per year. When was the last time you reviewed yours? Do you even have them? Read our blog and download the free buyer persona template to start generating some fresh ideas on how to engage with your audience. 2. Revisit your buyer personas and buyer journeys.

Even though vaccines are coming, working from home is going to continue into 2021 but don’t let that stop you! Read our guide on managing a web redesign project remotely. Or perhaps you just want some tips to build a better working from home culture now it has become the norm. 3. Get used to more home working.

No one likes a slow website. Google has indicated page speed is going to be an important search ranking factor in 2021 as measured by core web vitals. Find out what they are and make sure your search visibility doesn’t slip. 4. Check your core web vitals.

Web design and digital marketing follow trends like everything else. review the trends for 2021 here. 5. Get your marketing assets on trend for 2021

AI is everywhere: in cars, phones and even washing machines. If you’re not utilising some level of automation with your marketing, you’re missing a trick. Here are some things to consider before purchasing marketing automation software. 6. Do less work – get some automation.

Influencers aren’t just beautiful people on Instagram. Finding the right voices within your industry who have high engagement and complimentary brands to collaborate with can be a key way of extending your reach. 7. Get some micro influencers in your mix.

We are helping a not for profit called Testing for All who are offering COVID tests at cost price. You can order one here. 8. Get a COVID antibody test for only £39.

Marketers report that reacting in real, or near, real-time can boost conversion rates by 26%. It’s about creating relevant messaging, and it’s achieved on social channels by listening to and anticipating customer needs, focusing on current events, trends, and feedback. 9. Real-time marketing.

Didn’t we just say you should get some automation? Yeah, so it’s not always the best option. For example, ‘Smart’ ad campaigns in Google Ads can reduce control/insight which may impact ROI.Smart campaigns were introduced to simplify the process of managing Google Ads for small businesses. But there are large downsides in reduced insight and control over campaigns meaning that small businesses may quickly outgrow this solution. 10. Assess the use of machine learning optimisation carefully.

Christmas is the time to stuff your face and January the time to get back into shape. Right?Get less ‘cookies’ in your Jan diet by updating your cookie control to use the new Google Consent Mode (see what we did there?). It won’t help with getting you into shape but it will help with your tracking. Find out more in this article. 11. Less cookies.

Interactive marketing unleashes your creativity and enables you to tell more compelling stories. This makes it one of the best ways to capture your audience’s attention. Examples of interactive marketing include immersive video, games and interactive infographics. 12. Add interactive elements to your website or social campaigns.

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