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Over 95% of searches for financial services start online. If your finance firm hasn’t got a functional digital marketing strategy which works to attract, engage and convert a portion of those searches, then you risk falling behind the competition with every month that passes. 

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    Finance marketing has undergone a huge facelift over the past few years. Disruptors have changed the game and turned it up a notch – meaning traditional finance firms face a tough choice – to go toe-to-toe with younger businesses or stay on the shelf watching the market change around them. 

    Whether you’re a fresh FinTech or a large corporate finance firm, you probably face similar finance marketing challenges; connecting and building trust with an evolving audience; boiling down the complex to create simple, yet effective messaging; innovating and standing out from the crowd; and choosing the right mediums for communication. 

    It’s a tough landscape to master. But with some help, your firm too can walk among the giants and blow your competition out of the water.

    We’ve created some handy guides to help you accelerate your finance firm’s marketing.

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    Finance buyer personas.

    Let’s start by defining your audience. Who are they and how do you reach and influence them? 

    Personalising your marketing for different segments of your audience is the most effective way of attracting and engaging with your prospects and clients. By understanding the fundamental goals and challenges each audience segment faces, you can tailor your messaging for maximum impact.

    Our free buyer persona template for finance firms will help you define, understand, and better serve your audience. 

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    Finance content strategy.

    What’s next? Well, your audience needs to be able to find you when they search for things related to your services. 

    Great content builds trust and demonstrates credibility within your target audience, and if SEO tactics are applied correctly, it can also ‘pull’ the partly qualified leads – relevant web searchers – to your site.

    In this guide we’re going to walk you through the steps needed to create a content marketing strategy that improves your brand’s digital footprint, generates leads and helps your business grow.

    Here’s everything you need to get started with content marketing for your finance firm in 2020. 

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    Inbound marketing for finance firms.

    Let’s tie it all together with a powerful inbound campaign. 

    Inbound replaces traditional campaign methods – print ads, tv ads, cold calls, cold emails, and flyers – with tactics to attract and convert leads who are already interested in your service.

    While outbound methods ‘push’ your content in front of a large and often unqualified audience, inbound marketing aims to ‘pull’ part-qualified leads to your site, making it easier and less costly to acquire new business.

    Here’s our inbound marketing guide to help you build campaigns that attract, engage and delight your audience online.

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