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    So you’ve invested in HubSpot, got it configured for your needs, now you just need to get your team using it in the right way. We can help. We’re ready to share our tried and tested knowledge of what HubSpot is truly capable of, helping your business reach the next level.

    Our workshops and HubSpot training covers everything from inbound marketing to sales enablement. Sessions are tailored to help you tame HubSpot and put to work for you.

    We can be detailed and granular, or big picture. Just spend a little time with one of our HubSpot training experts to scope out your needs and we’ll put together a programme of sessions to help you.

    Areas our HubSpot training can cover:

  • Image of HubSpot Marketing Hub.

    HubSpot Marketing Hub.

    • An introduction to Inbound Marketing
    • Overview of HubSpot  Marketing Hub
    • Email marketing using HubSpot
    • Social media marketing using HubSpot
    • Lead generation tools overview
    • Setting up and managing workflows
    • Reporting in HubSpot
    • And much more…
  • Image of HubSpot Sales Hub.

    HubSpot Sales Hub.

    • An introduction to Inbound Sales
    • Overview of HubSpot 
    • Setting up data fields
    • Optimising HubSpot sales tools
    • Pipeline set up and management
    • Sales automation (lead scoring etc)
    • Activity management
    • Sales reporting
  • Image of HubSpot Service Hub.

    HubSpot Service Hub.

    • Introduction to Service Hub
    • Customer journey mapping
    • Understanding help desk
    • Setting up conversations
    • Setting up tickets
    • Setting up your knowledge base
    • Introduction to Operations Hub
  • Image of HubSpot Operations Hub.

    HubSpot Operations Hub.

    • Introduction to Operations Hub
    • Setting up data sync
    • Programmable automation
    • Setting up data quality automation

  • Want to know more? Get in touch with one of our dedicated HubSpot Training experts:

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