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Six musicians, six US cities, 1 crew, 1 month filming

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Brand USA and BBC Worldwide approached Contra to produce their recent 6 part branded content TVC series ‘USA Through Music’ to air on BBC World News.

Contra embarked on a journey to explore America’s musical creative spirit and its ability as a location to be a central character in popular culture and music. Using six known contributors in six key cities, we brought to life the diversity and energy of six cities through stunning visuals and honest and engaging personal testimony.

“My music with capital cities and most of the music that comes out of Southern California has this kind of bright, effervescent feeling to it. That’s exactly what LA’s about” Sebu Simonian, Capital Cities

Contra’s production team have extensive experience in broadcast and branded content with a proven track record in editorial integrity and a knack for securing high profile contributors. The series formed part of a broadcast campaign for BBC World News as pre-roll ads, as well as Visit the USA’s social media channels and microsite dedicated to the campaign.

In the making of this series, our small crew travelled around the USA for 1 month, capturing breathtaking scenic visuals of the landscape and cities that make each US State unique and a must-visit location. The crew captured a truly unique side to America from the pursuit of real life cowboys in the vast plains in Wyoming with Chancey Williams and the Younger Brother’s Band, through to the Deep South for some southern charm with Hootie and the Blowfish’s Darius Rucker,

“I think my music is a ton of Detroit, probably almost 100% percent of Detroit” – Eryn Allen Kane, Singer Songwriter

The resulting series sets out to inspire audiences to seek out these locations, to discover each place for themselves and create their own unique story in each state. The vignettes all end with a clear call to action – you want to want to become co-conspirators, active participators, explorers and discover more for ourselves.

More of these films can be seen here.

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