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Digital marketing has revolutionised the way people do business online. Digital marketing strategies, tools and philosophies are constantly evolving with the changing nature of the audience – us humans.

We’ve created a one-page summary of digital marketing for businesses who want to grow further and better online. This page contains information on: 

  • Creating a digital marketing strategy
  • Content marketing
  • SEO strategy
  • Digital ads
  • Social media marketing
  • Marketing automation
  • Email marketing
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    Creating your digital marketing strategy.

    All great strategies start with research. To build a digital marketing strategy that achieves your results, you need to start by defining your audience; their challenges, goals, etc. This is where buyer personas come in to play. Personas dictate your digital marketing strategy, from content and SEO to PPC campaigns.

    By understanding your audience and how they buy, you can create targeted content that resonates with them and solves the unique challenges at every stage of the buyer’s journey – boosting conversion rates and increasing revenue generated online.  

    Once your target audience is defined you should set short and long-term goals and then work backwards to develop a clear plan and set KPIs. 

    Finally, you must select your approach. Which digital marketing tools and techniques will you use to reach your audience and achieve your goals? We’re ambassadors of inbound marketing which focuses on drawing in your audience with helpful content, building trust and nurturing them through the process of becoming a customer.  

  • Image of Content marketing for B2B.

    Content marketing for B2B.

    Content marketing is a strategic business process which aims to generate organic traffic to your site. It should be focused on providing prospects with relevant, educational content that stimulates an interest in your products or services. It also helps boost your search rankings. 

    Your content marketing strategy should align with your overall business goals. For example, if you want to be known as the market leader, you should focus on high-value content which contains original research and quotes from industry thought-leaders.

    Your content marketing strategy should educate your audience and build trust. After all, a trusting prospect is far more likely to do business with you.

    Your content marketing strategy is effective when you know who your content is for, how you will reach them and how they benefit. Taking it a step further, we create content for each specific stage of the buyer’s journey: awareness, consideration or decision. 

  • Image of Defining your SEO strategy.

    Defining your SEO strategy.

    Establishing topical relevance is one of the most important steps in creating a successful SEO strategy. People have become far more trusting of search engines like Google when searching for information. User queries have become far more complex but they still expect highly accurate results. Hence search engines adapted by moving from keywords to topics

    But creating brilliant content around topics rather than keywords isn’t enough to rank highly in searches. With SEO marketing it doesn’t matter how great you think your content is, it matters how great other people think it is. Google measures your site authority through links to your website, called backlinks. 

    Your search authority directly impacts your site’s ranking. Your content is deemed authoritative when it is talked about a lot, referred to a lot and sites with high domain authority link back to it. Backlinks signal to Google that your page is a valuable resource that people want to reference and share. This means sites with more high-quality backlinks tend to rank higher in search. 

    Your SEO agency should help you to build topical relevance and site authority to boost your organic traffic and inbound leads. 

  • Image of PPC advertising

    PPC advertising

    Digital advertising is a must if you want to boost your web traffic at the point where people are either searching for information you can help them with, or are at the point they’re ready to purchase. It drives immediate, measurable results and pulls in quality traffic which is more likely to convert. It increases sales revenue and leads faster than any other digital marketing method and doesn’t depend on Google algorithm changes to provide results. 

    PPC advertising is extremely targeted and smarter than other forms of advertising. It can boost your brand recognition within your target market and therefore work toward increasing your market share over time. 

    With controllable spend, testing capabilities and immediate results, why not experiment with some digital ads today?

  • Image of B2B Social media marketing.

    B2B Social media marketing.

    There are a number of reasons why B2B brands might want to use social media as a marketing channel. These include a desire to increase customer engagement; position itself as a thought leader; boost traffic to its website; attract top talent; drive customer acquisition. In many cases, the motivating factors are a combination of the above reasons. 

    We explain how B2B brands can plan and execute effective social media campaigns that bring tangible results, as well as some general rules for keeping things ticking over in the long term.

  • Image of Marketing automation.

    Marketing automation.

    Marketing automation is a set of strategic software that streamlines, automates and analyses marketing tasks and workflows for businesses. It aims to improve operational efficiency and increase revenue generated online.

    Marketing automation isn’t just about saving time. It can also make communications more personalised for your prospects and customers. Things like customer segmentation and campaign management become far more effective and a lot easier.

    Today’s consumer is far more likely to engage with a business who nurture them with highly relevant and valuable content while guiding them through the sales journey, and automation allows you to do so with a lot less effort.

    Deciding on the right marketing automation software can be a difficult task, so it’s important to know how and why you are going to use it. 

  • Image of Effective email marketing.

    Effective email marketing.

    Email marketing success has become harder to come by over recent years. Standing out is difficult, but undoubtedly achievable.
    The chances are that you are already using email marketing to reach out to prospects and stay in touch with customers. However, there are often ways to improve your email marketing strategy

    Your prospect’s email marketing journey should start on your site. By adding well-placed CTAs and encouraging your visitors to subscribe, you can begin to build up a list of high-quality leads. Segment your list based on demographics (e.g. job title or organisation) to better understand them. Then create helpful, informative content which adds value to them in their role. Optimise your subject lines and always choose a personal approach.

    Understand and segment your audience, personalise your content and offer value. Then analyse the performance, tweak your thinking and repeat the process.

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