Alan Turing Institute wins FOURTH web design award.  Matthew Johnson - Content Strategist by Matthew Johnson, Content Strategist

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We’re proud to announce that Contra has recently won Gold Centauri recognition for web design, making it the fourth industry honours we’ve received for the Alan Turing Institute of Data Science and AI.

Now in its fourth year, International Awards Associate (IAA) recently announced the winners of its 2019 Vega Digital Awards.

The Vega Digital Awards, while being an international competition, also serves as a platform to celebrate and honor leading professionals in the creative fields of digital media. “It is a great joy to see these talented individuals receive accolades for the work they had put forth,” Kenjo Ong, CEO of IAA. “Certainly, there is no end to innovation and talent in the minds of people.” 

The competitors are juried by IAA’s select panel of industry-leading creative giants, under comprehensive and strict standards. Contra emerged victorious among competition from diverse companies and brands such as Walt Disney Studios, Lionsgate, Sony Pictures/Marvel Studios and more.

This year’s Vega Digital Awards had over 1,550 entries from 35 countries. 

“IAA is proud to be a waypoint for the diverse group of talents worldwide, as we find ourselves a wider audience with each passing year,” Ong noted. “The realm of digital arts is limitless, and Contra and Alan Turing Institute’s work has certainly elevated us to a higher peak.” 

Therefore, the Alan Turing Institute has earned the following recognition in the past 12 months: 

Matthew Johnson - Content Strategist by Matthew Johnson, Content Strategist
  • Image of GOLD: Marketing and PR EVCOM 2017
  • Image of GOLD Direction EVCOM 2017
  • Image of Silver Direction EVCOM 2017
  • Image of GOLD Cinematography EVCOM 2017
  • Image of EVCOM Charity & Not for Profit
  • Image of EVCOM Gold Winner Brand Communication
  • Image of Cannes Marketing Communication
  • Image of Cannes Best Editing

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