When confectionary giant, Cadbury, wanted to refit a whole section of Cadbury World, they called on Contra’s expertise. The project saw Contra working for Cadbury via longstanding partner and themed attractions veterans, RMA Themed Attractions.

Cadbury World is at the very heart of the Cadbury brand; allowing visitors to experience the magic behind the world-famous chocolate brand in the historical town of Bourneville, where Cadbury was founded, over 200 years ago.

The Cadbury World refit was comprised of a series of attractions, the most treasured being the bringing to life of ‘Joyville’. The Joyville environment was maintained by a centralised ‘show controller’, which triggered commands to such elements as music speakers, lights and doors.

At the centre of the Joyville journey was an interactive 4D experience, where visitors got to watch chocolatey characters come alive in front of their eyes. 3D glasses were worn while sitting on specially rigged seats, which moved along with action taking place all around them.

Contra were commissioned to enhance this fantastical journey with the creation of multiple games. A series of six kiosk-based games were designed and built by Contra, each augmenting the overall Joyville experience. Each game had a different chocolate-based adventure to complete, all of which greatly entertained visitors, adding to their delightful Joyville journey. The games were managed centrally via an easy-to-use app; also delivered by Contra.

Contra elected to use Unity to build the games. The benefits were clear; elegant and powerful handling of multimedia assets, a versatile physics engine and the overall capability to create engaging and entertaining games.

Contra successfully delivered the six innovative and immersive games, which today entertain, enchant and satisfy Cadbury World visitors. The games are managed and maintained by Cadbury via the management app that Contra created. Cadbury were delighted with the games, which complemented RMA Themed Attractions’ Joyville environment beautifully. Contra’s contribution to Joyville achieved Cadbury’s primary objective – to ensure visitors were utterly captivated as they journeyed through Joyville at Cadbury World.

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