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IQ Capital is a VC firm based between Cambridge and London, that invests in ‘deep-tech’ across sectors including machine learning, AI, robotics, and advanced engineering and materials, and data-focused propositions based on disruptive algorithms. All of the firm’s portfolio companies are capable of dominating their respective markets on a global scale. They have achieved numerous exits – recently to Oracle, Google, Apple, Becton Dickinson and Huawei and several high-profile IPOs. 

IQ Capital decided to team up with Contra after seeing our work with the CogX Festival of AI and the Alan Turing Institute of Data Science and AI. The decision to select us was made that little bit easier by the fact we were already working with leading technology companies focused on AI. Contra was embedded in the AI ecosystem and understood how to convey a deep tech story through messaging and visual elements. 

IQ’s goal was to improve its messaging to attract even more people and to engage with a more targeted audience – founders and potential investors. The user interface (UI) also needed to be updated to today’s web standards, in order to decrease the bounce and drop-off rates. Meanwhile, Contra agency wanted to maintain the spirit of IQ and its strong existing brand identity. 

So, with two clear goals in mind, the team started designing key pages for the new site. After conducting our research and working with the client to establish the new look and feel, we began developing the website. Before too long, we were ready to launch.

The new website has successfully maintained the spirit of the organisation, whilst helping to engage with more relevant startups and potential investors. Its navigation and site structure is now more intuitive. It has also been received well by internal and external stakeholders, with some external stakeholders complimenting the new site after attending online events.

Inbound applications are now more targeted due to the clearer messaging and enhanced user journey. The new site has seen a decrease in bounce rate and a three-fold increase in the average session duration, up to 5-6 minutes; some positive signals within web design.

Contra was embedded in the AI ecosystem and understood how to convey a deep tech story through messaging and visual elements. 

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